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Individual Counseling

You're alone.

You’ve retreated after yet another conflict with your loved one. Tears flow down your face from the sadness you feel about the state of your life…and your relationships. Sometimes it feels unbearable, other times hopeless.

You keep having bad interactions with your loved one despite how much you try. Lonely, discouraged, and overwhelmed each time it goes poorly.

Maybe the same patterns spill over into relationships with your kids, your parents, your siblings. You find yourself staying at work later to avoid coming home to an empty, disconnected relationship.

You’re tired.

Tired of trying to fix everything for everyone else yet wondering why it still goes so badly. You’re wondering if you’re broken, if it’s your fault, thinking, “What’s wrong with me?”

What’s wrong is that you are struggling with the heavy emotions that come from being in relationships. Maybe it feels like anxiety. Sadness. Feeling disconnected. And you are feeling it all alone.

You probably have no idea why this keeps happening or what to do about it. Everything you’ve tried doesn’t work or doesn’t sustain, leaving you feeling stuck.

Call me. Let me help you.

Let’s get on the path to healing and change. Stop suffering any longer. I have solutions to these complex issues and am eager to share them with you!

Counseling offers you a safe place to work through your hardest moments with guided support. I never give advice or tell you what to do. Nor will I sit there just nodding and smiling like a bobble head!

With kindness and insight, we will work together to discover answers to why this is happening to you and then will quickly put solutions into action.

Call me. I will help you.

Here When You Need It

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, I'd be happy to talk to you for a free 15-minute consultation. I have early evening appointments available to accommodate your busy schedule.

Call or text: 208-718-2728
Sessions are conducted via a secure telehealth portal. Participants must be physically located in Washington during sessions.